Kick start your healthy habits and start making lasting changes to your health in just 5 days

In the free 5-day Bite Sized Habits challenge, you’re going to walk away with the tools you need to start creating healthy habits that stick. Get the evidence-based, research-backed blueprint for making lasting positive changes in your life.

“I want to help you let go of relying on restrictive diets, willpower and punishing workout regimes…

...and instead create the systems, routines and confidence you need to finally stick with your healthy lifestyle habits.”

Hi, I’m Dr Heather McKee and I’m a behaviour change specialist. 

I’m hooked on the psychology behind what motivates people to adopt and stick to healthy goals – and after years of research, I’ve realised the tools and shifts that allow us to set goals that lead to lasting changes. Understanding what drives us to break our habits and give in to temptation, and what makes those who are successful at long-term weight maintenance different, is crucial for knowing how to approach your health goals. 

I use these research-backed skills to help people stick with their health and wellbeing goals without having to resort to restrictive dieting. My goal is to help you get to the place where you know what it takes to create healthy habits and you have the tools and confidence to stick with them and make lasting, positive changes to your life.

I’m on a mission to show you the exact steps you need to follow to create healthy habits that stick


Over the 5 days of the free Bite Sized Habits challenge, you’ll receive a series of videos teaching you the theory of kick starting your healthy habits.


You’ll also receive daily emails to hold you accountable and support you in turning your healthy lifestyle intentions into actions.


Every day, I’ll ask you one simple question that will take less than 60 seconds to answer but could have a lasting impact on your habits and your life.

Each day, I’ll present a research insight on what it takes to make the shift from beating yourself up about every health-related decision you make to having a system in place where the healthy choice becomes the easier choice.

The goal is that, in time, the healthy choice will become an automatic, default choice. 

A choice that comes naturally to you.

It’s time to overcome the willpower myth once and for all

The myth that makes you believe that you don’t have the motivation or self-control to achieve your goals. The myth that makes you think that the only way to see any changes to your health and wellbeing is to follow a restrictive, punishing plan.

Scientific research has shown us that trying to rely on willpower, external motivations and white knuckling your way to success does not work.

Doing the same things over and over again, always getting stuck back into the cycle of restriction, deprivation and self-loathing when you err from the path you’ve set yourself, does not work.

This is where the 5-day Bite Sized Habits challenge comes in. 

I’m going to teach you the most effective tools to kick start your healthy habit success. 

Tools that are based on years of scientific research. 

Tools that prove that making your health and lifestyle goals a reality can happen in a kind and non-restrictive way.

Let’s make your goals a reality – the healthy, bite-sized way.